Title of study:

Losing an ecclesiastical vocation but retaining the calling: The disengagement of former Catholic priests and seminarians, and their subsequent career choices

Researcher’s name: Dr Julian Randall

This research will be based on the questionnaire sent you to which you can provide written answers. It will be followed up by a telephone interview which, with your permission, will be recorded. The data which you provide will be safeguarded by confidentiality and anonymity and you are at liberty to withdraw from this research at any time and to have all your previous contributions/answers cancelled.

The following questions will guide the interview:

How I came to enter priestly training

Explain how you came to feel called to the priesthood
Who or what were the significant influences on your decision to pursue a priestly vocation?
Describe the significant experiences during the training that confirmed in you your vocation to the priesthood
My experience in priestly service

(Describe your experience as a priest in your service of the Church)
What aspects of the life appealed to you?
What aspects of the life did not appeal to you?
Disengaging from the Church

Describe how you came to question or doubt your priestly vocation
How did you go about leaving the priesthood/seminary?
What surprised you that happened to you during that time?
What did not surprise you that did not happen during that time?
Choosing a new career path

How did you set about finding an alternative occupation?
Describe the period of transition between priesthood/seminary and the new occupation
What were your feelings about your new occupation?
Finding a new calling

Describe your experience in your new occupation compared with your previous priestly/seminary life
What do you feel now about religious practice and the Church?
How would you describe the purpose of your life now compared with the priestly calling?