Friday 4th October, 13:32

Sunday 6th October, 09:32 and 23:32


Dear Friends,

I’m writing to say a very warm thank you to all who have contributed to our round of interviews for this BBC World Service documentary, both in Romania and the UK. Blanche and I are very grateful to you for agreeing to share your experience, both personal and professional, for what has become an insightful yet very accessible radio programme. 

Special thanks go to Fr Augustin Butica and his family in Romania, who welcomed our team so warmly and provided a beautiful and warm-hearted example of married Catholic priesthood; and to Alex and Jan Walker, who also welcomed us into their home.

We came away with a wealth of strong material, far more than can ever be fitted into a half-hour programme. This means that unfortunately we will be unable to include everyone we interviewed in the final cut. Some people who do appear will only do so relatively briefly. However, it is important to stress that everyone played an important role in helping us understand and assess the complete picture, and none of your contributions were therefore wasted.  Where we were unable to use a contribution, this was mostly because there was someone else who said something similar, and we were only able to fit it in once.

When and how to listen:

The programme has been scheduled for the following dates:

Friday 4th October, 1332

Sunday 6th October, 0932 and 2332

These times (according to the World Service schedule) should be local to listeners both in the UK and Romania.

Transmission times for other parts of the world can be found on the BBC World Service’s website:

The easiest way of listening in the UK is via DAB radio, which offers the World Services amongst other BBC networks. In Romania and other parts of the world, as well as the UK, you can listen live via the BBC World Service home page:

If you miss the transmission, you can listen in your own time via the BBC World Service website. The programme will appear on the Heart and Soul page at some point after the first transmission:  The same page also offers the opportunity to download the programme as a podcast. 

Please note that the BBC is currently migrating all its radio content to a new site, BBC Sounds; if you don’t get any joy with the link above, try and put Heart and Soul into the search window.

Once again, our warmest thanks to all who have contributed to our programme. You have given our World Service listeners a lot of food for thought about the Catholic priesthood, marriage and celibacy, as well as some lovely human insights into family and personal lives. We have really enjoyed working with you, and very much hope that you will enjoy the programme.

With all good wishes,


Kristine Pommert | Head of Radio    






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