Email from Anthony Padovano to Heinz-Jurgen Vogels

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Absender:    Theresa & Anthony Padovano <This email address is being protected from

Full response from Mike Hyland & Joe Mulrooney to Heinz-J Vogels

Mike Hyland Joe Mulrooney
On behalf of Advent Group, England.
15th• November, 2002.


Letter to Mike Hyland from Heinz J Vogels

Dr. Heinz-Jurgen Vogels
D-53 347    
Alfter, 8. November 2002 Buschhovener Str. 30

Mike Hyland

Covering letter from Mike Hyland & Joe Mulrooney

The Trout Hostelry,
15"'. November, 2002.

To whom it may concern,

Mike Hyland

AGM Minutes for 19th October 2002

NOTES ON ADVENT A.G.M. Saturday 19 October 2002
at The Masterson Room, St Chad's Cathedral,